Giga Chew Nose Strips for optimal breathing quality

How to Improve Sleep Quality and Attractiveness with Giga Chew, Nose Strips

Do you Struggle With Nose Breathing? You are Not Alone: A Generation of Mouth Breathers

It is estimated that 30-50% of all Adults breathe through their mouths. This is
often due to nasal congestion or bad childhood habits. Most people don’t understand how harmful mouth breathing is to their overall health and facial structure. In this blog, I will explain the positive effects of nose breathing, and provide valuable information for those who struggle with blocked airways.

Your Breathing Method Directly Impacts Attractiveness

Nasal Breathing is the single most important factor in determining facial
aesthetics. The definition of your cheekbones, straightness of teeth, jaw development, and nose-shape are all affected by breathing methods. These changes are clearly evident in both Children and Adults who are able to overcome mouth breathing.

Nasal Breathing Improves Physical Health

In addition to overall aesthetics, your breathing method has a universal impact on physical health. When air is breathed through the nose, tiny hairs called cilia filter out allergens and pollution. The air then passes through bony structures (Turbinates), providing moisture and warmth that your tissues, throat, and lungs thrive on. Mouth breathing provides none of these benefits, allowing unfiltered and potentially toxic air to enter your body. Mouth breathing can lead to sleep apnea, a common and serious disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. It is not only dangerous but greatly affects sleep and life quality.

Nose Strips: The Solution to Blocked Airways 

All of this information is worthless if you are unable to put it into practice. This is a major problem for those experiencing congestion. Thankfully, there is a cheap and effective option for overcoming these issues: Nose Strips. These are adhesives that wrap around the nose to widen your nostrils and increase airflow. Nose Strips are safe and convenient to use. They can be worn day and night, to optimize
nasal breathing

Are you Ready to Eliminate Mouth Breathing for Good?


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