The Healthy Alternative to Conventional Chewing Gum

The Healthy Alternative to Conventional Chewing Gum

Mastic Gum is designed by nature to build an aesthetic jawline. It is 10x stronger than normal gum, strengthening facial muscles as you chew.

In addition to transforming your facial aesthetics, chewing Mastic Gum has numerous health benefits. Mastic Resin has been used for centuries to aid digestion and prevent cavities.

Giga-Chew Mastic is an All-Natural product. Our product contains zero artificial additives, sweeteners or plastics. Consisting of a single ingredient, it is by far the healthiest alternative to commercial chewing gum.

What Makes Mastic Gum Worth Trying?

  • Single Ingredient

    Mastic Gum contains absolutely zero additives, chemicals or fillers. It is extracted from the tree then packaged. No extra steps required!

  • Superior Chunks

    Giga-Chew takes pride in supplying top quality Mastic Gum. Unlike our competitors, we source only the largest, most chewable nuggets.

  • Countless Health Benefits

    Mastic Gum is shown to help with digestion, inflammation, cardiovascular and oral health. Avoid artificial gum and choose the healthier, natural option

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Jawlines Sculpted by Giga-Chew

What Benefits Will I see?

Our Mission

As an Australian, I found it incredibly difficult to find quality Mastic Gum anywhere.

That’s where we come in.

It is our mission to source the highest quality mastic gum and make it accessible worldwide. There are many types of Mastic Gum, but we’ve identified the ideal form for chewing:

Medium-sized, Quality Nuggets.

The consistency of other suppliers is dreadful. As a natural product, Mastic Gum does vary, but it shouldn’t be extremely hard and full of debris. You shouldn’t have to wait 30 days to receive your product or buy bulk amounts to get a reasonable price.

Giga-Chew’s mission is to fix that.

We strive to supply a superior quality of Mastic, at a reasonable price internationally. Our mastic is pure, the perfect size and consistency for chewing.

Rare Commodity

Mastic Resin can only be found on the Greek island of Chios, home of the Mastic Tree. A fully matured tree produces around 200 grams of resin per year, making it an extremely limited resource.

Made for the Best

Our gum is designed for the bold. Giga-Chew is a key addition to any Chad's arsenal.

The ability to improve your health while sharpening your facial aesthetics can not be achieved by any commercial chewing gum.

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