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Jump on an exclusive discounted opportunity with our 4 in 1 Giga Starter Kit: a collection of our best selling products loved by hundreds of happy customers worldwide.

What you'll get:

1 Giga Chew Mastic Gum - 30g of our best selling mastic gum in a resealable pouch

3 Packs of Giga Chew Nose Strips - 60 individual nose strips to receive drastically better sleep at night

Portable Sliding Tin - A stylish tin to store your giga chew gum on the go!

The Facial Gains Blueprint - 52 pages of everything you'd need to overhaul your appearance with our products and beyond

The products in this bundle will last you 1-2 months of consistent use.

These are the absolute bare necessities to reclaim your facial aesthetics through natural, healthy methods.


Popular Questions

How many pieces of gum are in a bag?

In our 30g bag you will get anywhere from 45-60 nuggets of mastic, depending on the size of each tear. We recommend chewing 2-3 nuggets per use.

Is the gum re-chewable?

Yes, our gum can be chewed up to 3-5 times if you take care of it. Just make sure to wash between uses and store in a sanitary space.

Why is the gum so expensive?

Mastic Gum is expensive due to its rarity. The mastic tree releases its sap only once a year, and can only be found on the island of Chios, Greece.

What does it taste like?

People say it has a natural and refreshing flavour, similar to pine, that keeps your breath fresh.

How To Use

1. Put as many pieces as you desire into your mouth

2. Suck on these pieces for around 20-30 seconds until they start getting soft

3. Begin chewing and form it into 1 piece of gum.

4. Chew for as long as you like. Mastic will harden once out of your mouth


Mastic Resin (Pistachia Lentiscus)

  • No Sugar
  • No Chemicals
  • Natural
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Reject Plastic Gum, Embrace Giga Chew

Why choose Giga Chew, Mastic Gum? Aside from the ability to carve the jawline of your dreams it holds various benefits when compared to the commercial chewing gum you get in the shops:

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